Hot Bagels Newark

Hot Bagels Newark is the Original Bagels and breakfast restaurant in Newark, DE.  At Hot Bagels newark we believe that a bagel should taste like a bagel. That should go without saying, but many store-bought bagels simply taste like round bread. A bagel has a malty saccharinity that takes some nuance to get just right. Also, the crust needs to be an authentic crust.  When bitten into it should give scarcely afore the crust crunches away, and the resulting bite should be chewy without being dense, light without being airy, and deeply gratifying.  And above all the single most important quality to keep in mind when it comes to bagels is freshness.

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131 E Main St, Newark

At Hot Bagels Newark our fresh hot bagels and creams are made daily with no preservatives added.  100% natural, no cholesterol and fat free!

We offer catering and gift certificates.

We Speak Spanglish!

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The Original Hot Bagels in Newark DE